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Unitary Enterprise «Skarbnitsa»
220002, Minsk, st. Kiseleva, 40
Republic of Belarus

tel. +375 17 334 05 71

«Skarbnitsa» — Scientific Production Republican Unitary Enterprise Belarusian folk crafts for over 30 years makes products that are the hallmark of the Republic of Belarus.

We also offer scientific and methodological developments in the materials collected during expeditions in Belarus, hold exhibitions, workshops and more.

In «Skarbnitsa» carefully preserved old traditions. Folk Crafts — a stylish and modern. We will be glad to cooperate with you!

Art products «Skarbnitsa» approved by the expert committee are exempt from value added tax. Acquisition of own production UE «Skarbnitsa», which is part of GPTO «Belhudozhpromysly» is carried out using the procedure of procurement from a single source, in accordance with the Annex to the Law of the Republic of Belarus «On public procurement of goods (works, services).»

SkarbnitsaAs far back as in 1946, a special organizational structure to creatively manage the operation of artels — an experimental folk-crafts laboratory which later was reorganized into the Central Experimental Laboratory of Belpromsovet (1951-1960), «Belkhu-dozhpromsoyuz» (1960-1965), Art Industry Department of the Ministry of Local Industry (1965-1976) — was established within the framework of the State Program for Belarusian Art Folk-Crafts Promotion and Development. In February 1976, an Art and Experimental Lab was set up under the Art Industry Department of the BSSR Ministry of Local IndusUy which was renamed into the Research and Development Art and Experimental Lab (R&DAEL) in March 1977. In 1988, the R&DAEL was integrated into the Belarusian Trade and Production Association of Art Folk-Crafts and later into the «Belmestprom» Concern. In July 1992, the R&DAEL was reorganized into the Belarusian Folk-Crafts Center «Skarbnitsa» (BFCC).

In 1978-1991, the R&DAEL conducted an expedition survey actually of all regions and districts of Belarus having traditional art-craft centers to study folk arts and find masters skillful in traditional crafts. The Lab employees collected unique scientific data on the Belarusian folk art which were systematized and filed in the methodical fund, the scientific card catalog and photo archive of which contain about 13000 samplers, slide library — about 5000 slides, methodical reference books and photo albums classified by art crafts types — more then 100 samplers. Using these materials, the artists design modern apparel collections, ethnographically reconstruct traditional national costumes region-wise, revive forgotten technologies of hand fancy weaving, cloth, wood and glass painting, straw applique and marquetry and so forth.

Since 1998, «Skarbnitsa» is structurally integrated into the «Belkhudozhpromisly» Concern and is a scientific and production enterprise of Belarusian folk crafts. The enterprise operates the following divisions: R&D Department of study of art and methodical work; Department of fancy working of wood and local raw materials; Department of fancy weaving, Department of designing needlework; Department of knitwear; woodworing Department; marketing; economy/financial Department.